What Our Clients Say

Through its proactive approach and ability to handle the very rare disruption (even if that means TTU is working through the night) TTU has been able to keep our systems working and our company open for business. In addition, TTU has handled security and privacy issues with tact, diplomacy and the utmost attention.
Arpi's Industries Ltd. Logo
Julie Berdin
Arpi’s Industries Ltd
Based on our company’s needs Tech To U developed an Intranet system that has become an integral part of our company’s operations. Tech To U continues to maintain, improve and support all aspects of the “Intranet software” with professionalism, and technical expertise.
Remington Development Corporation Logo
Dave McClung
Remington Development Corp
The custom software program Tech To U built for us has made a significant impact on our business. Not only have we achieved costs savings of $80,000 – $100,000 each year, but there are many other significant benefits. Staff are happier in their roles because the software supports how they want to work instead of frustrating them and we’re just a much more efficient organization. Tech To U hosts our application and provides ongoing development support. These ongoing services is money well spent.
Alcro Electric Ltd.
Voytek Lukasiewicz, President
Alcro Electric Ltd.
Tech To U has provided a wide variety of IT services for us covering Server installations/Updates, Server Maintenance/Monitoring, Desktop Support and Custom Software. Furthermore, these services have been provided thru a full lifecycle for Custom Software and Network Infrastructure projects PLUS ongoing Managed Network Service, all with excellent results.

Tech To U has a solid customer service with a well-organized Service Desk and friendly, professional Onsite Technicians. Tech To U also has a very good depth and breadth of technical skills to meet a wide variety of IT challenges. Tech To U has practical business sense to deliver cost-effective solutions that fit our needs at a competitive price.
First Service Residential Logo
Gerry Buckley
FirstService Residential Alberta Ltd
We are absolutely pleased with all of your services. Tech To U is second to none. I can’t believe things are done fast. Your technician is an asset to your company. He has kept me informed every step of the way. He puts things in layman’s terms so I know exactly what is going on. And I have never ever felt so good about a company coming in and I can be rest assured that our computer needs are being well taken care of.
The Calgary Bridge Foundation For Youth Logo
Chantel Uhrich
The Calgary Bridge Foundation For Youth
Since April 2000, Tech To U has been an integral part of our company’s success with IT advancements, including server upgrades, network installations, and custom software applications. Tech To U has been a valuable, trusted partner and has helped us to focus on our business which allows us to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.
Tronnes Surveys Logo
Stephen Tronnes
Tronnes Surveys (1976) Ltd
I was blown away by the service. I understand not being on a service agreement sometimes we are looked at as a “second rate” customer by some companies. At no point in time did I feel like this with Tech To U. The service was quick polite and did exactly what we needed in our time restraints.
Aloft Hotels Logo
David Juras
Aloft Calgary University
We are happy with your company and the service it provides. When we have any issues the response time is very good. We enjoy working with Jagpal as well as the other technicians who I have worked with (all have been helpful and professional). Further, throughout our transition to the new office Jagpal has been very helpful and answered all of my questions (and worries!) regarding the move. We appreciate the service that we received from your company for this and all of our other projects.

Thanks for providing us the opportunity to provide feedback.
Endeavor Charter Accountants Logo
Jeff Faupel
Endeavor Chartered Accountants
Rogers Rent-All relies heavily on our network infrastructure as a critical component of our business and Tech To U has been entrusted with looking after it. Tech To U provides us with a robust Backup and Disaster Recovery solution and provides technical assistance to our staff when required. They will take the time to listen to our concerns and provide excellent advice.

Tech To U takes a friendly, but professional approach to their work. Their staff made us feel like our business was important to them. Tech To U was instrumental in resolving complex issues and they were terrific at keeping our store manager up to date with the latest developments. Their technicians were always polite and professional in their communications with our staff and they never quit until the issue was resolved.
Rogers Rent All Logo
Brad Seamans
Rogers Rent-All Ltd
I just wanted to say your technician is the best I.T guy I have ever dealt with. Very good at explaining things and just someone you trust with your I.T.
Optiema Logo
Mike Kimmel
Optiema Inc

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