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Successfully Relocating Your Network During an Office Move

Successfully Relocating Your Network During an Office Move

Moving an office is stressful. This stress is compounded if IT problems occur during the move. Tech To U has created a checklist of activities to plan and execute your move to ensure a smooth transition. Before you review the checklist – consider our five recommendations to avoid IT complications during the move.

Make sure the new office meets all requirements to move your current setup and it will also satisfy future needs.

Top Five Recommendations

    1. Inform your IT vendor and any technology related vendors (e.g., internet, telephone) that you are planning a move. They will be your allies throughout the process and can help you save time, money and avoid stress.
    2. Perform an on-site network assessment at the new office to evaluate server room requirements:
      • check all network and power connections
      • evaluate requirements for your wireless network and ISP availability
      • air conditioning
      • available physical space
    3. Take advantage of the move to rethink your IT strategy and develop a plan to address future needs.
    4. Before moving, make sure you have a backup and business continuity plan in place to avoid data loss. Better to be safe than sorry.
    5. Schedule time with your moving company well before your move to coordinate efforts and avoid disrupting each other during the move.
Take a look at our full checklist: Preparing Your IT for an Office Move
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