Case Studies

Peddie Roofing

Effective IT strategy should be considered as part of overall business strategy. By bringing IT experts to the table early into planning you can gain significant procedural insight for your business. Our client, Peddie Roofing, discovered this after partnering with Tech To U.

Peddie Roofing

The Problem

Peddie Roofing and Waterproofing Ltd was looking for software to streamline their business operations. Peddie’s processes required significant manual effort and significant time as all work was recorded by the Foreman using paper forms and pictures were recorded on their phones. The Foreman would have to bring in the forms and pictures into the office for processing which was time consuming and created long delays with business operations. There were several requirements that could not be easily found in a generic software solution:

Peddie Roofing

The Solution

Tech To U built a custom software system for Peddie Roofing that integrated several aspects of their work management procedures:

Tech To U and Peddie engaged all staff to develop the software to ensure it helped employees work exactly the way they wanted, versus altering processes to align with how out of the box software worked.

Peddie Roofing

The Result

As Peddie Roofing integrates more of their information and work into their customized software solution, they have noticed a marked improvement in regards to:

"As a result of the software developed for Peddie Roofing, their workflow process switched from paper-based to completely electronic, which in turn saved their employees time, increased efficiency and productivity. All their processes and operations were streamlined and is now easier to access, track and communicate with clients. The turnaround time from quote to scheduling, then from the work being done to reviewing and invoicing reduced significantly. We were please with the results our custom software generated to the client, adding value to their operations and helping them improve customer engagements. "
Tech To U

Impressed With The Results?

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