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The IT world is abuzz with cloud computing. What exactly is cloud computing and how can you take advantage of it?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud Consulting

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

As a business owner, the opportunity to rent applications and infrastructure versus developing software yourself, or hosting software and technology in your office, needs to be considered when developing your IT strategy.

Cloud services can offer benefits such as costs savings, accessing superior technology at a fraction of a cost to buy or build it yourself, and increased flexibility to expand or reduce infrastructure much more easily. On the flip side, there are security and privacy considerations that increase risks associated with using the cloud. These issues, and many other factors must be considered when developing a cloud strategy.

These decisions are not easy and there isn’t a single answer that suggests a move to the cloud in every instance is the right decision for your business. Perhaps housing all your IT in-house makes sense? Maybe a hybrid solution is the way to go?

Because these decisions are complex, you need experts to help you assess your options and make the best decision based on your needs.

Cloud Consulting

Experts in Cloud Services

Tech To U works with clients to understand their current infrastructure, business and IT objectives, and helps to map out an IT strategy that makes the best use of the cloud for your business. Once we’ve finalized strategy for you, Tech to U can help to implement cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, migrate current systems to the cloud and then provide the necessary support moving forward.

We’ve written some articles on Cloud Basics for Business Owners and Cloud Security Basics for Business Owners to help you get up to speeds on some of the essentials about the Cloud.

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Cloud Consulting

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